Our Clients

  • KGM Consulting, Inc. provides performance excellence in support of a broad range of communications and technology services to a wide variety of clients.
  • KGM has served most of the world’s largest banks. In fact, KGM has provided consulting services to fifteen of today’s list of the world’s twenty-five largest banks

  • KGM has served dozens of midsize banks and supported numerous bank HQ projects as well as domestic and international branch projects.
  • KGM has assisted the start-up of over a hundred small and specialized financial firms and has continued to assist with their ongoing expansion and growth.
  • KGM clients include diverse businesses, hospitals and health care organizations, colleges, and other non-profit organizations.

  • KGM has helped numerous technology, telecom and specialized communications equipment and service companies.
  • KGM professional skills enable diverse technology transformations and dramatic cost savings.
  • KGM always works in compliance with all client performance and security guidelines.
  • KGM can provide references from your industry segment as you may require.